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Aluminum & Precious Metals in Des Moines, Iowa

Get cash for your scrap from ABC Rolloff Dumpsters! We specialize in extracting and processing industrial scrap and materials containing valuable metals. Turn to us to put money back in your pocket!

Film Negatives and Silver Recovery

We extract silver from X-ray and film negatives and provide silver recovery units at no charge.

Litho Aluminum Plates

We collect over 100,000 pounds of litho aluminum plates each month. As the largest litho recycler in the area, we receive the highest payments for our material and we pass the savings on to you. Whether they are boxed, baled, or stacked on pallets we weight them and pay fair value at the time we pick them up.
Role of films — aluminum in Des Moines, IA
Other Scrap Metals

We process industrial scrap containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and tin with the lowest processing fees and the highest yields.
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